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Kissing Tomatoes (Granny Moves in with the Newlyweds. Along with her Suitcases, Comes Alzheimer's)

Now available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.com, and in soft cover by contacting Helen Hudson at hh@helen-hudson.com.

 Helen Hudson talks about her memoir, Kissing Tomatoes:
If you were really lucky, though, you had a grandmother like mine. She  was your best friend. Granny moved in with us in 1982, when we were newlyweds.  Along with her suitcases she brought Alzheimer's; a disease, a word that wasn't on anyone's lips at the time. 

I would like you to see her as I did but that is not possible: so, I have chosen to begin these chapters with Granny's own quotes; words of advice she gave me when I was growing up in her home in the 1960s. She was appointed my legal guardian when I was 13 after my mother was declared "mentally unfit," by the Arizona Superior Court. She would later be diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. 

Despite having lived her own share of heartaches, Granny was willing to take on mine. At the time, she was a high school guidance counselor and brought her wisdom home. Sixteen years later, when I began caring for her, many of her early sayings would re-echo in her own ears -- now coming back from me. Of course, by then in her dementia-addled state, none of them would be recognizable to her at all.

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There's No Place Like Home: Caring for the Alzheimer's patient at home was published by the American Counseling Association's Vistas Online
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In No Easy Answers, Lynne Shallcross of Counseling Today, writes about Helen Hudson's book, Kissing Tomatoes, and her experience caring for a beloved grandmother with Alzheimer's Disease.

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Her article, 
"True North," was published by Vanderbilt Magazine in April, 2012: Vanderbilt Magazine, Volume 93, No. 1, Winter 2012.


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