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In 2020, Helen had two original songs on TV shows:

"One More Guitar," on SYFY's "Blood Drive."

"Believe in Love," on HULU's "Shrill." 

Music and songwriting came naturally to Helen Hudson, who on a whim in the late 1970s, bought herself a guitar and taught herself to play. She was a natural. Unanticipated success followed immediately and in 1980, Nothing but Time became her first single.


She took a little time out, however, in 1990, when a lighthearted suggestion from her husband, John, about singing the national anthem for all the major league teams started her on a new quest.  People magazine picked up the story and she had her 15 minutes of fame, including her induction into the Guinness Book of Sports Records.

Helen continues to write songs, and Oh, Hasn't Time Made Me Wise, was written for her daughters when she was "just a mom."

Helen Hudson's new album, Whistle in the Dark, is available on iTunes. It's also on cdbaby.

For more information, hh@helen-hudson.com


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